How long do you guys leave a finished print inside the printer?

I tend to leave my prints in the printer for quite a while after they finish, partially, because I’m often busy or even forgetful of the fact that I started one, and partially because I want as much uncured resin to drip off the platform / print and back into the tank. (In one, notable, case, I left a finished print in there for something like four days while I was out of town. Oops.)

Have any of you established a nice optimum time to leave your prints? Does anybody see noticeably-more of excess resin dripped away after, say, an hour, as opposed to twenty minutes? (=

Leaving your parts in your printer post print will not negatively effect them, and it can definitely be nice to have some of that extra resin drip away. We generally let parts print overnight, so they tend to sit for maybe around 8 or so hours before we clean them off which has worked pretty well.

One thing to be aware of is leaving cured resin stuck to the silicone can degrade the resin tank, so it’s always good to run the spatula along the bottom of the tank whenever possible post print to make sure no material is hiding there!

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