Allow resin to drip off printed part?

After my print is done, is it a good idea to just leave part for few hours (or even overnight) so all the resin drips off it into the tank? I think this will reduce amount of resin polluting washing station. Any drawbacks of this method I should know?

If I have time, and mostly do, I’d leave parts for 2-3 hours before removing. Definitely helps with IPA longevity. The longest I had them sitting inside the printer was about 6 hours. Never noticed any drawbacks. Keep in mind 90% of my prints are with Black V4. Other resin might be different.

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There are no drawbacks as far as I know. The longest I had them was almost four hours.

It’s not uncommon for me to leave my larger prints over night. If you haven’t already you should print one of those mounts that angles the build plate a bit, it really helps.


I defienitely do this for both making the washing work better plus the cost per ml of Form resins is not insignificant so even if I save 2ml of resin that counts

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I’ve discovered that leaving them hang a few hours, especially when printing very fine parts or details, such as 2mm shafts or needles - actually improves them. IPA 99% only, and I squirt it on and lightly brush with sable brush. Can’t do that if you pull them right out of the hopper.

That’s great idea! Any links to angled mount?

For a Form3 you don’t need an angled mount:


I’ve tried to find it, thought it was on Thingiverse but it might be on here somewhere. It works but could be improved on.

This is what I came up with a few years back. Hope is helps someone: OPEN SOURCE RESIN SAVER - Angled Platform Holder for Form2

I’ve started a print on a Friday, it finished sometime on Saturday night and have taken it off the platform on Monday with absolutely no problems. Not sure if this is true but I was told I could leave me print hanging there for a week with no problems as long as the cover is closed.

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Yup! Even over a weekend shouldn’t affect final part quality at all(as long as the geometry isn’t too heavy to sag.

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That’s cool! It won’t fall?

I’ve left prints hanging on the build platform for days. I routinely leave them for 24-36 hours, since the time I have available to deal with the post-processing is usually limited. It’s never been a problem. No issues whatsoever with one exception - I have found that sometimes, parts left on the build plate for an extended period of time can be harder to remove.

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