Looking for STL file Build Plate Dripping Holder

There was a thread a short time back that had a downloadable STL file for a holder for the Build Plate to drip the excess resin into the tray. I downloaded it at that time but can’t find the file. Anyone have a link?

I found it. Couldn’t find a way to delete the this post though.

Could you post the link here, please?

Here’s one at least, there might be others :

Only works for parts that aren’t very tall though.

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thank you. works perfectly for me

It’s nice but doesn’t work that well for me. I print some rather small and intricate pieces as many as 70 or 80 to a plate The orientation isn’t correct for it to drain well. For my need is it should also be rotated 45 degrees so a corner is low. With small hollow pieces this causes the resin to go to a corner and thus make a drop. Otherwise it stays because of surface adhesion.

I’m going to modify mine by removing the downward parts, add a slot across the bottom and then make a piece that will slide in and can be adjusted front to back. It will have a support that is a 90 degree V for the top corner of the build plate. The bottom corner will rest on the wiper handle that is centered in the tank. I’ve tested this by hand and it works perfect for my needs. I just need to design and built the pieces. I’m loosing a lot of resin and IPA right now and that’s expensive.

It is nice to see people find it useful. Please share the STL if you make modifications to it.

This is the one I’ve been using, Its positioned to allow taller parts and as long as you face the pockets toward the wiper side, it drains perfectly.

At $10, its also way cheaper than growing an STL of this size on a form2