Form 2 Build Plate Drip Holder

I took and modified a STL print available here for draining the build plate of excess resin after a print. That one just held the plate at a flat angle so the resin dripped off an entire edge. Mine runs the resin to a corner and I fell drains a lot more of the resin. It still needs some work on the top corner support but otherwise it works real good.
This is the old one.

Here’s my newer design.

I have plans for a second Form 2 in a few months and seeing I have a spare Form 2 orange cover I will make up a “Drip Cabinet” that will have a used resin tank in it to gather the excess resin from the builds. By doing this I save time on the two printers as it some times takes an hour to drain the resin and I have heavy production to do.



Can you point me to the STLs?

The STL files are not ready as I’m stiff working on a piece of it.

Thank you, interesting idea, but only good for very small parts.
Here is the link to the original thread and the STL.

Dani, I agree, but that’s what I produce. But no, I can use it for larger pieces but not full machine size.

When I build the drip cabinet it will have a lot more room as I’ll raise the lower support higher.

Right now the upper support is two parts. The main piece with a slide for the build plate so it can be adjusted back and forth as I wasn’t sure the exact best location. Once that was found I just put a piece of printers tape across to hold it in place.


Nice idea

How is the build platform held on. I’m just not seeing it int he picture. Do you have any pictures that show how it is being held?


I’ll be posting a few new photos a bit later today that show the new slide piece and it will be obvious how it’s held in place.

Thanks Walter. Can’t wait to see it. BTW - Great idea and thanks for sharing!!!


OK, Here are the STL files and the finished Build Plate Drip Holder Photos.

Understand that the base of the holder was printed by a friend on a filament printer to save cost. The slider was printed on my Form 2 just last night. I beefed it up from the previous version.

The two parts of the holder. You will need to sand the sides of the slide to get it to slide in but you do want it to be a little tight. Otherwise you will need to use a piece of painters tape to hold in in place once you get it adjusted.

Here are the pieces slid together. Don’t pay any attention to the pencil marks as that was from the use of the last slide. You will need to adjust the slide to a good position once you get in and the build pate in position. Once there it should work each time with no more adjustments.

Build Plate in position on the Form 2 Holder. Here you can see a side view and the “V” that holds the upper corner of the build plate in position. You should orientate the build plate for best drainage of your parts as generally one corner works best than the other three.

The bottom corner of the build plate sits on the top of the wiper handle. Adjusting this handle left to right will get the build plate centered for best drip and also keep the cover from hitting it when it’s closed. The plate will need to remain in the machine for about a half hour or possible longer. I found that sometimes a slight vibration, drumming finger tip lightly on the lower corner will get the resin rolling faster sometimes. If you look closely you can see a drop of resin going off the end of the build plate corner.

Here are the STL files to build your own Drip Support.

S_lider-V4.stl (77.8 KB)
New Build Plate Holder Base.stl (222.3 KB)

Let me know if there any more questions. Do understand that I won’t be available for a few days as I enter the heart hospital early tomorrow for an extensive procedure to fix and issue with congestive heart failure. That was fixed two years ago but went bad so hopefully they can get in and correct the issue.

NOTE: Let the build plate drip some while still in the Form 2 holder to get the initial excess resin off the parts.
Then, remove the BP and flip it over immediately to keep it from dripping all over the place.
Install the Drip Holder in the Form 2 and quickly flip the BP to insert it holding it over the resin tray as you will still have some drips.
Then you can insert the top corner into the Drip Holder and slide the wiper so the handle is centered and then position the bottom of the BP corner on the wiper handle.


Thanks for sharing Walter!!! I wish you the best for tomorrow and will keep you in my prayers for a successful procedure and a speedy recovery.



Thanks Chris, I’m home already. They added two stents to the 8 I had in there. Some day they will be 3D printing arteries and having the grow a layer of our own cells just like the now do with the esophagus 3D prints.

I’ll fire up the Form 2 tomorrow and get back to work. I have a real backlog to work on.

Glad to hear everything went okay. Geezoo…10 stents???/ At what point do they stop adding stents and just do a bypass?


If I receive 2 more, 12, I get a free toaster. :rofl::joy: No bypass as they are afraid of disturbing other bypass work done years ago.

Thanks for all the hard work and sharing. Good luck and speedy recovery

Thanks Spiderx1, Just got off the treadmill. Did 30 minutes at 2 mph and 1% grade. Never got the HR over 74.
Blood pressure now is 112/62 at 67 hr. Not bad for an old man. [laugh]

Thanks for the great idea!

Not to take away from your ingenuity / contribution.

Think there’s a more cost effective way of carrying this out.

STL file shows around 140mL and 9 hrs + printing time of resin used for the adapter (not inc the smaller print), which is still $$ for a tightass like me.

Grab one of the used wipers, take it apart, and place as shown, bottom still use the wipe base, top just slide the wipe blade between as shown, firm, rigid, can also close lid.


The big part is supposed to be printed in Fdm :slight_smile: but yeah your solution is very nice too indeed :slight_smile:

I’ll try this too lord knows I have plenty of extra arms with all the cracked tanks I’ve had… I printed mine out of play on my fdm printers