Overnight print

New to printing and wanting to know when doing overnight printing on a part that should be as accurate as possible should i clean and cure right away? because if so, im afraid i would have to schedule all my prints to finish during business hours which would be a pain in the butt. Or do i have the abillity to leave the part on the base for about 7 hours?

Never had a problem with overnight prints. The uncured resin on the part will stay uncured and you can wash/cure the part as normal.

I do it all the time…just finished an 18 hour print as a matter of fact.

The parts can sit in your printer for a long while before cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol.

I often start prints on Friday, they end anywhere between Saturday morning to Sunday evening. It’s fine to let the parts wait in the machine, no ill effect whatsoever.

awesome thank you guys so much