Clean parts sooner for better results?

I’ve noticed that parts left on the printer for extended periods of time after the print is complete seem to be more difficult to clean. When cleaning parts immediately after the print completes, I tend to get a cleaner surface with fewer sticky areas.

Is this a common problem with prints that might hang on the build platform overnight? I do have my printer near a window, and while the shades are drawn, there is still some diffused sunlight coming through in the morning hours.

It would be difficult to schedule all my prints to finish during work hours. Should I consider moving the printer away from the window? The resin on the exterior of the print certainly doesn’t appear to be cured. Could this be a side-effect of letting cured resin sit coated in uncured resin for extended periods of time?

I’ve noticed this as well, and don’t let the parts hang at all.

It would great if Preform could be run from the commandline with a .form file to print. Then the Windows scheduler could be used to fire it off at the right time so it got done just when you got to work.

Even so, the printer would be left waiting for you to confirm the print via its button. So some kind of override for that would be necessary as well (in printer firmware and Preform).

heh, good point, but making it autostart shouldn’t be that hard - unless of course software can’t do that to it…

I have let prints hang for hours while I was at work. No ill effects as far as I am concerned. My basement is very dark in the day though.

I do give a light brushing with a soft artists brush almost as soon as I get in the first dip. It works very well.

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