Any problems leaving my Form 2 on over the weekend?

I started a print and realized it won’t be finished until after I leave for the weekend. Will the printer shut down after a certain amount of time after the print finishs or will the heaters remain on until manually turned off? I’ve had prints finish too late in the day to cure and just left them hang until the next day to cure them but have never left the machine on all weekend.

I believe the heaters will stay on but not sure. Either way you should be fine. I printed something on a Thursday and didn’t get back to work until Monday and everything was fine so no worries.


After the print finishes, the heaters will turn themselves off, and it’s safe to keep the finished print in the machine for an extended period of time until you’re able to finish it.

I do it all the time. In fact I left both printers running Friday afternoon and had finished prints this Monday morning.

@ScottBarbour…I did the same exact thing and everything was fine. I would also say that there was a lot less resin on the parts after sitting the entire weekend so thats a plus!!!


Leaving the parts in the alcohol over the weekend made the parts soft and flexible. I would not recommend doing that. Leaving them in the printer, that’s fine and should not hurt anything.

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