Machine heating up while off

Hey community,

Just a strange thing…
Came back from weekend while the machine was off and wanted to start a new print. I came to the machine while it is still off and replaced the resin tank.

When i touch the tank it was extremely hot! I touch the metal base of the LT tank and I almost burned, it was so hot.

I unplugged the machine and pushed the button for 10 seconds, then plugged it once again and did a machine reset as well. Now its printing until tomorrow .

Anyone experianced something like this or got an idea why is it happened while the machine was off for at least 3 days?


did you already upload a print to the machine?

Yep, printed successfully.

No I mean, did you upload it to the machine and then touched the tank?

Nop, touch the tank when the machine is off for approx 3 days and it was hot.

Hey there!

Definitely reach out to our support team if you’re concerned and we’d be happy to take a look!

I think what fantasy2 is referring to is one of the several “automatic heating” features on the Form 2. If you interact with the printer in basically any way(touching the touch screen, opening the cover etc) it will start to warm the tank so it’s quicker to get started once you’re ready to print.

Interesting, can you please give more info regarding the heating? Lets say the machine is off and i’m opening the cover, as you said it will start warming up the machine.
If I close the cover without doing anything like turning the machine on or uploading a job, is it going to stop warming after a period of time?

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