Tough 2000 Pre-Heating Issues - Form 2

Has anybody with a Form 2 had any heating issues with the tough 2000 resin? I just printed with the Original Tough, which preheats to 35C and had no issues (takes about 10 minutes or so). However, I have been waiting over a half an hour for the tough 2000 to get to 31C to start. I’m currently stuck at 29.8C and am going to give up trying for today. This seems like a firmware issue to me since I have no issues heating up the old resin to 35C. Anybody have any thoughts or ideas?

I’ve seen a Form 2 consistently take an hour to heat Standard resin and start the print, when room temperature was around 24°C. Support told me it wasn’t long enough to consider the heater defective, which I think is a cop-out.

So interesting update. Apparently when I changed resins the printer also decided it was time to melt/short whatever you want to call it the two red wires leading to the tray PCB (heater elements). I trimmed them and soldered them back together and now it takes 15 minutes to go from 21.5C to 30C! So everything is all fixed now. Saves me tons of money and time rather than getting someone else to fix it. If anybody has heating issues where nothing is happening there is a chance something electrical broke in the chain so take your time open it up (out of warranty of course) and fix it yourself!

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@FineForm that is helpful information. Did you need to remove the tank carrier to perform that inspection and repair? If so, were there any concerns about fouling up alignment?

Hey sorry for the late reply! I did not have to remove the tank carrier. Thankfully the break was just on the edge of the carrier so I could pull the wire a little to get room to solder.

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