Form3 won't heat up to 31 deg C

My Form three refuses to heat up to 31deg C. It’s about 26 degC in the room and it’s been 3 hours, one full reset, and another 3 hours and it’s stuck at 29.5 degC.
I upgraded to the latest firmware yesterday, both printer and PreForm. Has anyone seen this issue? It’s not throwing any error codes.

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I just installed the latest firmware update and am now having the same problem.

Hi sdiamond, I have had it happen a couple more times, usually after firmware updates. If I unplug the form3 for a few hours, then plug it back in it usually works again. It’s like something is holding a charge that’s not supposed to. Hope that helps

thank you for the quick response… I will give it a try.

Also having this issue - takes about 8 hours to go from 22 --> 28 degrees and gets stuck. Currently is unusable. Have uplugged and reset to no avail. Has anyone experienced this or found a solution?

We have 3 form3 machines, all near each other in our lab, and all 3 seem to vary in heating time. I am also looking for answers as to why this would be happening. I have updated firmware several times over the past few months since this started, but it is still occurring

Did Formlabs fix this issue? I’m having the same problem. My form3 will not heat up to 31.0 degrees.

I used radiant barrier material to make a cozy for the printer. It has some extra space on the back side for air circulation. Now it heats up even if it’s 40° in my garage. Definitely worthwhile accessory.

Nice idea andrewthyrm… Is it possible you can post a picture of the cozy?

I had the same issues on one of mine… Sent it back and got a new 3B but it literally is worse than the old one…honestly considering a different printer

Two pieces of radiant barrier (basically mylar bubble wrap from Home Depot) One for the front/top another wrapping around the sides and back. Used adhesive backed velcro to attach the pieces. It’s been great.

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I have had the same problem since the firmware update, even if the tank is full of resin. I’m actually wondering why its heating when there is nothing in the resin tray but hey it still hangs at 28.

Anyway I have a heat gun I use to blow hot air under the unit. There is a fan there so the heat gets sucked into the unit and warms it up. I only run it to warm it and when it needs it so it seems to work. Pity you cant roll back a firmware update. or order a replacement part.