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From 3 not Reaching Temperature

I’m having an issue using my rigid 10k on the form 3. The preheating can’t seem to get up to 34c. I tired 3 times and each time it’s still below even after 12+ hrs. It was close (33.8 out of 34c) at one point but few hours later it was at back at 29 c. Its been 3 days a support hasn’t replied and now its the weekend so probably wont hear for another 2 days. I need this working for my business. Anything I can try or bypass?

What’s the temperature of your room?

A way to help your printer out would be to insulate it, or to provide a little supporting heat. You could put the printer in a small box. Or you could put something like a heat pad – the kind used in reptile enclosures – under the printer. They only raise the temperature by a few degrees, so there’s no risk of cooking your printer.

Its 22c in the house. Should I really have to enclose it? Its only going up to 34c, first time I used the 10k, it got up to temp in a few hours(still a while) and then printed. Other resins seem to work well. Still no word from support…

If it’s 22c in your room you should be okay.

I imagine something with your printer’s heater must be defective. Either it isn’t heating effectively, or the temperature sensor is off.

My printer sometimes has difficulty reaching operating temperature, but the room its in, is often down to 8c. The printer can get up to 31c, but it can’t get to 34c in those conditions.

Sounds to me like it’s definitely worth contacting our support team at the link below so they can investigate. At first glance this sounds like it should be absolutely fine.

The latest firmware (1.8.3) puts a ‘Skip’ button on screen while the printer is heating.

I’ve emailed twice and its been a week, didn’t hear anything. Is there a number I can call?

Hmm I have the latest firmware and I don’t see that that skip button.

Sorry, I see it now. Maybe it needed a restart. Thanks for the input.

Actually, that button is not there for rigid 10k. It is for Grey V4 but not rigid 10k for some reason…

It could be that your heater is defective.

After a couple of months of use, the heater in the Form3 where I work went bad and pretty much stopped outputting.

Support had me remove the back of the printer and reseat the plug for the heater element. I work as an engineer and repair technician for subsea robots and told FormLabs as much, yet they refused to tell me the nominal resistance of the heater (they “don’t disclose technical information”) so I could test it with a multimeter to see if the reisstance was higher than it should be… I measured it anyway while I had the back open and calculated that it was only outputting about 8W! Way too low to do much of anything. I asked FormLabs to send a replacement heater as I could see the heater assembly was held in with 2 bolts and then had a plug for the heater and a plug for the fan, meaning replacement would be very simple. They refused to send a replacement part and we had to send the Form3 back to the distributor for replacement…

If your heater issue is hardware related, prepare for some down time while you convince support you do actually have a problem, wait for the decision about what to do, then wait for a replacement.