Resign Tank Heatup takes 3 to 4 hours

I have a formlabs 3. But my resign tank takes between 3 or 4 hours to heat up to 31 c.
Is this normal?

What is the ambient temperature in the room?

If your room is under 20c, it can take a while. If the room is under 12c, your printer might not be able to reach operational temperature on its own.

I currently have my printer in my garage that gets cold at night. I’ve put a little space heater under it when I want to start a print.

That said, perhaps a more cost-effective alternative would be one of those under-tank heating pads – the kinds used under reptile aquariums. I might give that a try.

72f or 22c

Thanks everyone.
Sounds like the answer to my question is “It Depends”.
Also wanted to make sure there was not something wrong with the printer.

Maybe they need to offer a more powerful heating capability.

In a 22c room it shouldn’t take that long to heat up. I would expect more in the range of 3-5 minutes.

I’d guess there’s something wrong with either your heater, or the temperature sensor. I’ve occasionally had botched firmware updates that leave me with strange symptoms. You could also try a firmware update to see if that changes things.

That sounds way too long to me. Have you contacted support about it yet?

When I got my Form 3, it was February and it was cold in the workshop. It did take a long time to reach 31c, but did eventually get there. It was down to about 13 - 14c. I have since built a little house for the printer made from a welding rod frame and polythene sheet, mainly to keep dust out, but it will also keep some heat in. Wee will see how this goes as the weather gets colder. If this is a problem I will just add some more insulation.

Hope you get your issue sorted very soon.

I am in a very similar situation. My Form 3B operates in a room that is temperature controlled to 72 degF (22 degC). For the past three weeks, it has been taking between 1 and 2 hours to heat up to the 31 degC printing temperature. I am going to install the 1.8.2 firmware update (released yesterday, 10/27/2020) and see if I notice any changes.