Formlabs 2 Keeps Failing to reach the Resin Temperature

lately I’ve been having issues with my Form 2 and it’s heating unit. For the past 4 months, the heater is becoming slower and slower and I am getting more and more “Heater failed to raise the resin temperature high enough.” errors. The ambient temp of the room where the printer is located is 23-25 °C. I will be glad if anyone can help me or just share their experience.

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Here’s my story… Form 2 Heater Cable Repair

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Me too and if the printer doesn’t reach 35C after one hour it doesn’t print even if the temperature is 34.9C and the problem is I let the printer for the night to print in the morning was temperature failed and I tried again the temperature was 34.9C means the temperature stayed all the night at 34.9C
The room temperature was 24 or 25C
Do you fixed the issue if yes can tell how?
Thank you

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rkagerer’s thread is very detailed.

If you want to try to “get by” without a proper repair, you could place the printer on top of a mild heating element – like a reptile aquarium heating pad. That just raises the temperature by a few degrees ©. It might be enough to get your printer over the hump. A little more extreme would be to place your printer on top of a table that has holes in it, and put a space heater underneath the table. You’d have to be careful to ensure you don’t overheat the printer. That’s what I do presently with my Form 3. I have it in the garage, which is essentially outdoors. Winters here aren’t terribly cold. I think the printer could manage on its own, but it gets to operational temperature much more quickly with some heat underneath.

I’ve noticed that if the printer changes temperature during a print you can get some anomalies – the cured resin shrinks and expands depending on the ambient temperature. Extreme (quick) temperature shifts resulted in one failed print, for me.

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Thank you for the reply and the link to your blog post. I really enjoyed reading your project, repairing the few problems you had. I too have both the problem with heating and recognizing the cartridge. I have already opened my printer once, when the normal orange tank with Dental Model Resin cracked in my printer overnight. The little plastic tray of course wasn’t enough to catch all the resin and it spilled over the inside components (luckily not on the mirrors and the galvo motors). At the time, I didn’t realize I will have to recalibrate the tank. At the end, the re-calibration took most of the time (About 3 days of test prints). I dare say, my printer is now calibrated better than it was from the factory and I have zero dimensional inaccuracy issues.
That said I am using the printer for work now, much more often than before and I cannot afford that much downtime. :frowning:

Yep. Those are exactly the issues I am coping with. I usually start my printer at 28-29 °C because I know I won’t reach more. For now I am not having that much problems with the resin viscosity since the printer reaches the target printer during the printing. But this still isn’t acceptable and I still want to desperately fix the issue. I am taking into consideration that it could be the same problem @rkagerer had. As of now I am still having problems and I am not 100 % sure what the issue is.

Thank you for your input. I was thinking something along these lines. I had in mind a heating chamber built from aluminum extrusions and insulative polycarbonate sheets. Then just place a small heating element inside that would bring the whole ambient temperature up to 35 °C. Do you think that would put to much heat on the other internals of the printer?

That should be fine, provided you have a reliable thermostat regulating the heater.