Resin heater error?

First time i’ve ever experienced this.
Anyone had it before?

Started a print, print failed due to me being too skimpy with supports.
Aborted, removed the failed print, went to my office and redid the supports quickly, came back, restarted the print (about 5 minutes total), went out and came back to the resin heater error, claiming resin couldn’t be heated up to 31 in time.

Ambient temperature never changed (21 deg C).
No drafts or anything similar.
Plus, resin was already heated from the previous print.

When i dismissed the error, resin was at 32 deg C.



I’ve been experiencing the same issue lately. We are printing 24h a day, so when a print finishes, we replace the build platform and start the next one.
Sometimes, temperature on the printer comes down and stays around 29-30 degrees, not reaching 31. We just press continue and let it move on…


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