Heating over the recuired temperature

Hi everyone,

why is my heater heating while trying to dispence resin, even OVER the required temperature?

Here is an example : grey standard v2 resin should start at ca 31 degrees, due to impossibility of filling it taks long - up to 36 degrees!

Do overheating make damage on the resin?

It happened a few times to me where the resin heats up to 34-35. The prints came out nice as always without any problem. I noticed that the temperature makes the liquid resin less viscous which makes it easier to print with and peel off.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I believe I’ve managed this on a few of my printers as well and I’ve made sure our software team is aware. This shouldn’t damage your resin as the 31C target is a conservative goal to do things like limit off-gassing and control viscosity.

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Frew. I’ve seen my printer hit 36ºC too, as recently as a day or two ago. Printing with Tough V3. Didn’t think much of it, I assumed “printing starts at 31ºC” wasn’t the same as “the optimal temperature is 31ºC”. It’s clearly regulating to the higher temp, and not running “open loop”, or the temperature would go even higher.

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