Ambient temperature effect on prints

Hi all, just wondered as its been blisteringly hot here over the last 3 days & I dont have any active cooling in my tiny home office

What effect does it have on prints when its hot. so hot that the printer doesn’t need to pre-heat the resin. So arguably the resin could be above 30+

Am I more likely to see any kind of print failures at higher temperatures?

I would be more worried about the electronics overheating than the actual prints. I’ve run prints in a hot humid room and had good results.

Ok, thanks, that’s a good point.

Actually, I’ve just hooked up my temp probe, its getting 31°C in here so explains why no pre-heat required.
I’m going by the theory, if I can hack it, so can the the electronics… not much choice really.


So long as you’re not well above 31C (I imagine this would be a pretty uncomfortable workspace), you should be good to go. Prolonged high temperatures may slightly decrease the lifetime of your resin but shouldn’t lead to any issues with printing.

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Similar question here although my blistering heat = 115 F (46C). The room my printer is in has no AC although it is pretty much dead center in the middle of my building. I imagine it will get to 100+F in there. I do have a ceiling blower so It will stay relatively cool compared to outside or the rest of my warehouse.

@Frew same advice for me? or are these temperatures more extreme?

Edit: for the next few days I have decided to unplug and possibly relocate my printer. Wise idea I imagine.

That is a bit more extreme and I’d recommend cooling it down as much as you can. At 46C, the viscosity of the resin will change a fair bit and some components might begin to off-gas. It will also accelerate the rate at which the resin degrades a fair bit.

EDIT: @Randy_Cohen also pointed out that the rate of electronic degradation should be taken into account with higher ambient temperatures. 46C for extended periods of time represents the point where we might start to get concerned about ambient temperatures decreasing the expected lifetime of the machine.

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Is the 46C the ambient or the working temperature of the printer? My printer was reporting 44C last night o I put some ice packs on top on the cover and this morning it looks as if there was some condensation under where the ice packs were sitting.

Well in my case 46C is the forecast for the outside temperature for tomorrow. The room with my printer is inside a warehouse with no AC. I was slightly worried the room could equal or exceed the outside temp by the end of the day. Yesterday the inside of our warehouse got to 108F/42C inside by 5pm and the heat is supposed to peak tomorrow.

Problem solved however, I went out and bought a portable AC unit for the small room last night. Room is a cool 79F/26C now. Just hoping there isn’t a power outage in the next couple of days (we had one last week!)


what if temperature is in office over the weekend around 0 C or even goes to -5C ?

At and below 0C, it’s unlikely that the heater is going to be able to hit the target temperature. You can choose to continue the print but 0C is well below the recommended specification and this may affect printing results. Non-adhesion is one of the more common failure modes we see when temperatures are too low.

No, I mean is it something going to happen to printer? When I come on Monday office gets hot :smiley: :rofl:

Most electronics tend to enjoy cool temperatures (so long as it’s not excessively cold) and only run into issue when things get too hot. How hot does your office typically get? Anything at or below 30C will be fine.

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I might come a bit late on this one, epimcd, but 30+ Celcius is not a problem. We had 38ºC here when our AC was out and the machine did performed as usual, using Formlabs’ resin…clear that is. As it’s the only resin I used during that hot period as well as a 3rd party resin from Makerjuice, which I have to say, was terrible in a high temperature environment. Sad to say as Formlabs’ resins are tremendously overpriced.

Further Customer Service told me that they have not had any problems with high ambient temperatures.

But you probably have realized that by now anyway.