Temperature of the Room Effect the Life of Resin in the Printer?

We have our Form 2 set up in a room that can warm up to 80 degrees plus during the summer months while the office is closed. Will this have any affect on the Resin in the printer or even Resin that is stored before use?
We are using the Grey Resin.

I randomly reached for a bottle of resin (it ended up being flexible) and it says do not store above 77°F. So, yes, that would lead me to believe that you could lose shelf life or other properties by storing at 80º 2/7 days. I’m sure there is some safety factor built in to that temperature however.

Is there a different room that doesn’t fluctuate as much or does the whole building get warm on “away” thermostat?

Assuming shelf life is the biggest concern here, how quickly do you go through resin and how often do you restock? If you are using cartridges before they reach 3 months old I wouldn’t worry, if resin is likely to sit for close to the entire shelf life you might start having trouble.

All speculation, sorry I don’t have any real answers.

The recommended operating temperature of the printer is 64-82F and this is the optimal storage temperature for resin as well. Beyond this range, the primary issue is an increase in the rate of degradation of the photoinitiator. Resin can be stored for up to 1 year in optimal conditions and may expire a bit more quickly when kept in sub-optimal conditions. You seem to be within the specification and shouldn’t run into any issues.

Refrigerate it?

I believe the recommended refrigerator temp is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That seems far lower than the optimal 64 degrees F. I wouldn’t put it in the fridge.

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Funny thing is, photopolymers behave more in a warm state than cold. Sometimes you’ll notice a difference in detail between cool resin and warm.

However, electronics HATE heat. So that could pose a problem in the long term I’m guessing.