Attic Studio (warm at times) and the Form 2?

Hey all - I’m in the planning stages of setting up my studio in a finished attic. Said attic will have two window units to sufficiently cool the room for comfort and of course proper printing.

That said, I’m concerned about how heat will effect the printer/resin when and if those ACs are turned off (when I’m not there, out of town, etc.). It’s a new space, so I’m not sure how hot it’s going to get up there, but I’d imagine at least ambient to the outside. While it doesn’t get terribly hot in the Boston area, the 90s are not unheard of.

I’ll also be running a dehumidifier up there.

Any thoughts?

The Form 2 heats the resin to about 95ºF, so I doubt you’d run into an issue.

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Thanks Craig, that’s good to know.

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