Heater error form2

Is there a minimum room temperature for the form2 to operate in? Prints keep aborting due to heater not teaching temperature.

If the heating of the resin takes longer than half an hour or the temperature of the resin is lower than 20°C) you can get an error and you have to abort the print. Just start the print again and it should work.
If not you´ll need a support ticket.

There’s not a set minimum temperature, but the printer will heat more quickly if the room temperature is closer to the target. Our office machines usually idle around 24°C. Here’s a bit more information on the heating timeout that you described: http://formlabs.com/support/printers/form-2/error-messages/#heater-issues

The timeout is currently set to 30 minutes (this may change) and you can also manually start the print before the temperature reaches 30°C.

Ive had a couple on really cold days here and the room was 18-19 degrees. You can either cancel the print and restart at it will work the second time or just ignore the warning and carry on. The resin will pretty much be up to temperature by the time the support base has been printed anyway

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