Form 3 tray temperature time

I have a form 3 and a couple Form 3+ in my shop.
The Form 3 was taking a long time to get up to the 31 and would take hours sometimes and then time out.
I took by heat gun , opened the cover and heated it up and started to print. Just need to use low heat setting and keep about 6 inches from the tray.
It takes a about 1 minute to get the printer to be up to 31. Make circular movements with the heat gun at the 6 inch distance. It works great and now I do this every time , instead of waiting the hours to heat up. The form 3+ do not have this problem

Hello @kshawaero,

I’m sorry to hear about your printer heater issue. If your printer is older, it may have a failing heater. Support can look into this in more detail and verify the heater is failing.

That said, as long as the heat gun doesn’t damage the tank this can work, but if the tank becomes damaged, you could have an issue with leaking resin so I’d monitor this closely.

Kind regards,

Hi Jennifer,
I take the utmost care to not damage that $160 tray. Trust me on that. But I have had this issue of long warmup times since the beginning when it was new.
In fact I had 2 that had the same very slow up to temp time.
I measured the temp of the air that is induced onto the tray and it is only about 92F…
It is just important that the heat gun is kept at 6 to 8 inches away and do not let it stay in one spot, but use a circular or orbital motion for about one minute.
Before I came up with this solution I was ready to retire the printer and replace with form3+.
But I think I can still get some good mileage left on this unit.
So far I have done 20 hours of prints on this printer since yesterday, and they come out great
Thank You
Keith Shaw

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