Failed to start print

We are getting an error: ‘Failed to start print’
We replaced the resin tank and resin cartridge, powered printer down and back up again, and we still have the same issue. Can someone help?


I just left it alone for about an hour and now its printing! imagine that.


When you upload a print, is the machine mention that it heated up to the right temperature and the tank is filled? Or it was on this screen for a while?

What type of resin you used?

it wouldn’t heat up and said it wasn’t recognising the tray or tank. It eventually started to print and the error message wen away though? it was quite a heavy file though so might just have been glitching out trying to read it?!


If it’s not recognizing the tank, it wont turn on the heat. Have you tried to remove and insert the tank once again? Sometimes if its not inedrting all the way in, it wont read the chip.

The machine have a pretty good capacity gor uploads, if I remember well its about 340MB, pretty heavy file if you reach this.

Before uploading a print, place the tank and cartridge one by one and look on your screen, it should give you a notice on the upper edge of the screen telling you the material that was inserted. Only when it is recognized, upload the file and start the print.

Let me know how it went.

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