Form 2 Works in its sleep!

I had a nasty resin spill which resulted in the machine being replaced by Formlabs (Thanks Formlabs) It happened when I was running the machine over night. So I got the new machine set up and sent it a test print. Then I thought Opps better not run this thing overnight. The tank was warming up but the print had not started. So I looked for a way to cancel the print. There isn’t one during the warm-up and filling stage. So I pressed the button and held it until the moon appeared and the printer went to sleep. As I left the room I thought I heard the wiper. Then early in the morning my phone beeped “print completed” WHAT!!!
I went into the office and there is the Form 2 on the desk I was fearing the worst and expecting another resin spill but there were the two completed prints on the build head and the printer is still asleep - NOTHING is showing on the display panel.
While I admire anyone or anything which works in its sleep FORMLABS THIS IS A SERIOUS DESIGN FLAW! asleep should mean ASLEEP !!!

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Hmm, that’s interesting. Definitely a bug

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