Error when I try to save a file

Hi everyone,

I’m having issue when I try to save a file in Preform. It is saying that it is impossible to save the file, and Ran out of memory when trying to save the file.

Now, I would hardly believe that the laptop runs out of memory when it saves, since it has 32Gb of RAM and plenty of space on the SSD. If it is of any help, the laptop is on Windows 10 Pro as well.

If somebody knows something about this error, or if you need more info on the situation, please let me know.

Thank you !

Here is a screenshot of the error

What does the file look like?

For especially sizable models, it is possible for PreForm to run out of memory. Because PreForm is a 32 bit application, there are restrictions on the amount of memory that it can use that aren’t necessarily related to the capabilities of your machine.

If you’re working with multiple models, reducing the number of models on your platform is one workaround to reduce file size. Reducing the number of polygons via decimation is another option. If the models you’re working with are relatively small, get in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

32 bit? Really? I didn’t know there were a lot of 386 chips out there still. Why 32 bit, pray tell?

Update; it’s not 1985 no more, folks! Way past 2004, even.


Thank you for everyone’s input on this. Apparently “the problem resolved itself”. It’s one of those situations again… ugh.

32 bit is a pain. That’s for sure.

I only run 64 bit OSs, but I run PreForm on a Win7 system. There are plenty of systems out there running XP and Win7/8 still, that are not x64. Building PreForm as a 64 bit app means some users wouldn’t be able to run it. Building it as 32 bits means all users can run it. The alternative is to maintain two versions of PreForm, one for 32 and one for 64 bits. It’s not twice the work, but it is a fair amount of extra work to do this.

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