64bit Preform?

Hi @Formlabs ,
Is there a 64 bit version of Preform? I just realized that mine is running in a 32bit VM on Windows 7 Pro.

If there is a 64bit version, please post the link. If there is no 64bit version, what would be the reason for that? Most machines, even ones 5 years old are 64bit. Mine is stuck trying to load and repair an .obj file (150mb), it’s consuming 1.4GB of memory (I have 12GB available). It’s only using 25% of the cpu. Seems like it’s probably memory constrained. Meshlab loads it fine in about 15 seconds. Preform has been trying to load it for about 10 minutes or so. Somethin’ ain’t right here…

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It took over 30 minutes to process it, and it did an unusable job at it. In the end, I had to hack on and simplify the model to get it to load.

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