PreForm crashes when opening STL files


I’m trying to open STL files in PreForm.

It crashes around 60% (see picture).

I have 16GB of RAM and an i7 processor.
PreForm uses 2GB of ram before it crashes.

I’m using Windows 10 pro with the latest updates.

MeshLab can open the STL just fine.

Please advice.

preform is 32 bit as I can see, you can use proboably 2GB of RAM although you have 16GB. Try using WIN 64x or easy way is to open your stl file in some 3D modeling program and optimize polygon count (less polygons), you have probably too much polygons on your model and not “enough” memory.

I’m running Windows Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063 Pro, 64-bit,
I’ll try messing with the .stl in meshmixer and see if that helps (as suggested by Robert Koch in my support ticket).

I’ll keep this post updated with my results.

How big is the file you’re trying to load?

335MB, 6.8 million triangles

try to reduce that file

Yeah, that’s a lot, you might not actually need that much.

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