Elongation printing along the Z axis

Anybody got an idea how to fix this bug. They are test prints after creating a new layer of PDMS.
thanks Radovan


I am not sure I see what is elongated. The only thing I see “off” about your print is the raft thickness. Assuming this is what you are talking about, you most likely didn’t use enough material when you measured.

If your actual model is messed up, please post up what it should look like so we have something to compare to.

Replacing the PDMS layer may cause the raft size to change if you do not use exactly the same amount of material that Formlabs uses. You will end up with a thinner raft (too much) or thicker raft (not enough) if you do not measure exactly.

I apologize photos were not accurate, here it is explained again
thank Radovan


I have seen a lots of strange things but I can say that I have never seen this before. I do not see how it has anything to do with the replacement of the PDMS layer. Looking at your support tips, something very strange is going on here. If you haven’t opened a support ticket yet, I think it would be a good idea to open one. I would also print out a set of the FL butterflies. Support will most likely want you to print it so having the pictures in the ticket when they first read it will take a day of troubleshooting out of the equation.

Hopefully someone else here knows what may cause this and be able to chime in.


The only thing I can see is some pretty extreme laser bleeding–the clear resin produces the worst detail results, because it can’t block the resin at all. This means that downward facing surfaces will not look good because the light goes through the current layer and cures extra material. so for each of those supports it will end up with more material cured than what you’d like.

@Radovan_Prikryl - that’s very odd. If I’m looking at the pictures correctly; it almost looks like you’ve printed the same object twice in slightly different positions - as if you’d duplicated the same object in the same position but with different support heights. Perhaps your STL has some odd surfaces?

I’ve seen supports with contact points like that before when my model had a “submerged” surface that wasn’t corrected properly on import into Preform - although when I looked closely in Preform I could see the support going into the model, whereas your preform screenshot shows it’s all normal.

Do you get the same effect with other objects? Perhaps as David suggests try something standard like the butterfly?

Yea, it is as though the penetration depth is higher than it should be. Is this Formlabs Clear v2 resin? How old is the resin?

Alternately, are you sure you printed with with clear material settings? Your screenshot shows black.

My aim was to try two things.
first: Produce the new layer of PDMS from Sylgard (save old damaged tanks)
second: Try new clear resin from Photocentric. The company recommended it to me. Price is 35 pounds for 1 L.
The advantage of this polymer is not damaging PDMS layer as e.g. Makerjuice or Spot -A.

I found the following:
ad 2) a new layer works well, see the print with black Formlabs resin. Even if not PDMS vstva exactly as high as the original. It save 1/3 of the new tank price.
ad1) Formlabs clear resin is perfect and yet there is no cheaper version.
I tried several settings, also black. I also tried setting for white folmlabs resin, becase there are a minimum a laser exposure.
Is it interesting that the penetration depth is not higher than it should be with clear Formlabs resin?
Model is correct.


So, to be sure I understand.

  1. You replaced the PDMS layer. Using FL resin, the printer is functioning (printing) as it should
  2. The clear print is not FL resin and the print results were less than desirable.

Assuming this is correct, I would send the 3rd party resin back for a full refund and if you are up to it, you can beta test for them. Maybe one day they will get the formulation right.

Yes, I’ll try -).

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