A Progressive Drooping growing ever closer to the PDMS Layer

So I received my printer and have been very sparing with the material - (I blew through 1L on a Form 1+ through a lack of patience)
I have less than 10 prints logged on the printer and have been moving each print around to preserve the PDMS layer.

(If formlabs support looks at this, printer name is AspiringWeasel)

The prints seem to be drooping down closer and closer to the PDMS layer , yet it doesn’t make much sense since the print bed prints inversely. Could this be a leveling issue?

I may try to raise the model in preform and see if that helps any. It seems to be getting progressively worse, and now am starting to suspect it was present in the beginning and manifested itself over the course of the 7 or 8 prints I have completed.

Any ideas?

Photo dump:

That’s definitely not good. My guess is that it would have to do something with the Z-Axis motor
Not sure why it would just start doing that, but it could mean that the threaded rod needs some oil so that the platform can move more freely, or something could have gotten out of alignment that is making the platform struggle at the lower height.

I will try another print and simply raise the model. Maybe it has something to do with the resin being exposed to air? I keep forgetting to the shut the cap…

That’s not a huge issue, oxygen inhibits the resin curing, if it’s stretching then it has to do with a mechanical issue.

Well I tried full-size tray print and the lower sections were stretched out again… :’(

The rest of the prints are perfect, I guess I will just manually add supports to raise the parts up, since the maximum support length seems to be 10mm.

Contacting support and referring them to this thread - hopefully this an isolated issue.

Pic related:

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