Did Firmware 1.11.4 get pulled?

I started to install the 1.11.4 firmware update, and its stuck on “Starting” under installing update and “Do not turn off power”.

After about an hour it finally stated “Unable to update firmware.” See image:

It also seems that the thread “Announcing Preform 2.10.0 and firmware 1.11.4” also got pulled.

I’m having the same issue updating firmware. My Form 2 has been stuck in Starting state for about 20 minutes. I guess I just have to wait another 40 minutes or so until it fails. Be nice if it failed sooner rather than later so I could get to printing.

It looks like Preform 2.10.0 is still the current version: https://formlabs.com/tools/preform/

We did have to pull 1.11.4 shortly after it was launched. We had a few users contact our support team with bugs and you might have seen a few posts regarding this on the forums. We want to look further into the bug reports before releasing. If you’re having trouble with updating, it might be easiest to download firmware directly from our website and update through PreForm. Our support team is also always happy to help!

Any kind of estimate when it will be re-released?

I just installed 1.11.7 and to my disappointment, it says the wiper and heater is disabled. :’(

Are those features going to come back? I have been holding off on printing a project for the update that got pulled.

Same for me!
I wanted to use the wiper in open mode today but couldn’t find any option in the latest firmware release(19th december). Why did this option suddenly disappear in the latest firmware release?

I would also like to know why?Why did this option suddenly disappear in the latest firmware release?

There were problems with accuracy with the latest firmware so FL pulled it. I gather that it will be back once they figure out what happened and fix it.

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I fail to see what the accuracy issues would have to do with enabling the heater and wiper in Open Mode though.

I wonder if they changed something in build platform adhesion as well. I never had problems but since the last(maybe two?) updates I am having an extremely hard time getting parts off the build platform. Usually the base just breaks…

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