Cure Station LCD Sleep Mode

Just an FYI to your firmware person. You really need to add a display sleep mode to the cure station just like you did on the wash station. LCD burnin will destroy the display pretty quickly Anybody else seeing this?

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Same here wainting formlab newfirmware but it so longggggggg !!!


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Its frustrating when I see this. Seeing as all I do for a living is firmware and software development, its frustrating needing to wait for such a small feature. The software on both the Wash and Cure are super simple.

Formlabs Software Group- Open invitation. Give me access to both the Wash and Cure firmware (Ill even sign your NDA) and I promise to sync the sleep features and any outstanding bugs across both of them. This is definitely a better option than watching my display burnin or over the coming weeks. Also, unplugging it is equally annoying.



Frew !

We’re working on it :slight_smile:

After 2 week no update ???

+1 Please add sleep mode

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1 Month and noting no firware .

Now 2 Mouth and Noting !!! Formlab is it a Joke ???

If the always-on display is a problem, you can just unplug the Cure when you’re not using it (or put it on a power strip with a switch). It’ll be nice to have a fix, but I’m not seeing the urgency here.

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Rather odd that wash will do it and not the cure though. Sounds like it was a rush job.

and it’s not a 100 dollar cure system…

I vote for mistake. Having been an engineer for a few decades, I can tell you that they happen to everyone.

Please fromlab need firmware for sleep mode !

*pokes thread*

3 months…


Good news, everyone!

Preform 2.15.1 includes a standalone updater for Form Wash and Cure.

Here’s a few screenshots of what the process looks like:
(edit: and there’s a support page here)


Tested it out, works nicely! :+1: