Form cure not turn off!

form cure will not go into sleep mode, in fact there is no sleep mode in the menu. also display becomes unresponsive, only way to reset machine is to unplug it and plug it back in then it will work for a while. FREW NEVER UPDATE AFTER WAINTING ! 1 MONTH!!! :frowning:

Yelling won’t help… they seem to be aware of that and I’m sure a firmware update will come. In the meantime this is not a bug preventing you to use the machine, it’s more an inconvenience, why make such a fuss about it when you know they are aware of it ?


Because I think a $ 1000 machine should work properly without a bug before marketing! and even wait more than a month for a simple firmware correction is not normal! Thank you.

I think a $ 1000 machine should work properly without a bug

FL is a startup not GM, even though they sold 35,000 machines.

and a 3D laser printer with a curing machine is not a toaster

lower your expectations and you’ll be a lot happier.

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I agree that there are to be some expected hiccups with a new company, and that the Form Cure is not a toaster. However, toasters don’t cost $700 (at least not that I’m aware of). I received my Form Cure last week and it did not work straight out of the box. When I plug it in it just flashes between the Formlabs logo and “CURE”. The machine is unresponsive to the knob. I’ve got a ticket submitted so hopefully they resolve the issue soon.

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Hmmm… glad I opted for the CureBox

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