Form cure display will never turn off

form cure will not go into sleep mode, in fact there is no sleep mode in the menu. also display becomes unresponsive, only way to reset machine is to unplug it and plug it back in then it will work for a while.

You’ve received your Form Cure? That’s news in itself. Apart from the display never turning off, how is it?

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So far so good, I will be printing some parts in the next few days and I will see how it performs.

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We received our Cure yesterday, at first it wouldn’t boot but now seems to be working although we also see that the display never turns off either.


Looks like the pre order stuff is starting to finally meet customer hands

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Same here, received the Cure today. First run worked well however the display stays on, does not go to sleep like the Wash unit.

that makes absolutely no sense. How is that overlooked.

I hadn’t noticed that the Form Cure display stays on, but it looks to be the case with the units here at HQ as well. This isn’t intentional behavior and I’ve forward this to our software team so that we can work towards getting it corrected.

How could this have been over looked?

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Same problem here , display do not turn off

Frew No update ??? screen never go off ! Thanks , for your help .


This does seem to be a bug in the Form Cure firmware and we’re working on getting it corrected.

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