Form Cure Sleep


I have both the form wash and cure. The form wash can be set to sleep and goes to standby mode. But the Cure stays always on.

Is it possible to turn it off / to sleep mode?


Hi @pineirod

We’ve added sleep mode to the Form Cure in a firmware update. You can find details in this help article, and earlier discussion in this thread.


I had problems with the updates in both cases. The devices were found by the updating software, but in both cases I got an error.

I had to unplug the USB cable

In the case of the wash in the third reupdate it worked

In the case of the cure the plate started to turn, making a strange noise (like a skid). I had to unplug it from the power socket.

In the end everything worked, but there is no sleep option. The machines went automatically to sleep.


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