FORM CURE . .has a mind of its own!

I have been using the Form Cure for a while now. It remains aggravating that to use the cure I need to unplug and re-plug it.
Also I now start the Form Cure before the Form Wash completes so that the heater heats up the Cure area to 60F before I place the washed item into the Form Cure. That way the curing starts immediately.
However I noticed that after 30 minutes of lighted cure the Form Cure shuts off.the light and sits there waiting for what I dont know…
It would really be nice to have some update software on the Form Cure!!

Updates to Form Wash and Form Cure are in the works. Is the light turning off in the middle of a cure cycle meaning that the platform continues to rotate and the heater remains on?

Frew – I did not notice that it may be doing that .

IS that a feature?

FREW i The clock timer STOPS at 28:12

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