Form Cure white light remains turned on

Hi there,
I’m looking for the help of the Formlabs users community. I’ve been experiencing an inconvenient with my Form Cure, which I don’t know whether is a normal feature of the latest firmware, or if it’s a particular issue with my unit. When my Form Cure finishes a polymerization, the UV light stops (as usual) but the white lamp turns on and continue lighting up for hours until I open the cover (take my prints out) and close the cover again. This is annoying for me, because sometimes I leave the Form Cure unwatched for hours after starting a polymerization. Does this phenomenon also occur with your Form Cure? Thanks!

It’s normal… mine stays on overnight often. Not sure that there’s anything to do about it, but you’re not alone :slight_smile:

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Thanks :grinning: @horton

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