Form Cure

I just received my Form Cure and so far the curing seems to work fine but can someone please explain to me why the timer is so far off. I set it up for a 30 min cure at 60 degrees and when i came back after an hour it was only 10 min in. I know it had to heat up first but it that wasn’t the problem. I started a stop watch when the lights kicked on and at 30 min on the stop watch it had only counted down 5 min. WTH!!! So can I assume the timer is useless??

Frew reported the FC display had issues and an upgrade was in the works.

never enough time to do it right always enough time to do it over.

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How do we turn these things off? There is no switch at the back of the unit? are we supposed to just pull the plug?

Yep, It appears so. It wont even go into sleep mode like the Form Wash

Hopefully This gets an update soon.

Is the display visibly taking longer to count down? A video would be a big help here and I’ll forward this to our teams so that we can look into it.

yes, I will try to upload a video tomorrow. Thank You

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Not very elegant but it works for now.

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I had unplugged the unit over the weekend so I think that helped. Now its only off by a couple seconds every minute, so instead of uploading a 30 min video to show that I will do a video if it starts acting like it did last week.

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