Form Cure not heating

My Form Cure does not heat up any longer, I’ve noticed that the last few parts (Durable) were softer than normal and last time it begun count down immediately, no preheating.
To be sure I let it run for 30 min and checked the temp which was at ambient.

I’ve tried unplugging it but still the same issue, I’ve also tried updating the firmware but it was already at the lastest version so it seams like the thermistor isn’t working and reporting a high value so the software thinks it’s already up to temp.

Anyone faced this before?

How big impact does heat have on the curing process of resins like Color, Clear, Grey, Durable and Tough 1500? How much strength would I loos by just curing with UV?

Hi @Reine,

I’m sorry to hear about the heating issue you encountered with your Form Cure. Just in case, it would be worth double checking external factors such as the Cure being in a cold environment or the power supply being too hot (not pressed up directly against the Cure, in a small alcove, etc.). If nothing stands out, I would advise getting in touch with Support for a closer look.

In terms of the heating itself, it serves to speed up the curing reaction. You may still get some benefit out of the light exposure, but the process would take much longer. For resins that don’t need specific mechanical properties, you can get away without post-curing parts (e.g. Standard Resins for many applications). For resins like Durable and Tough 1500, you would need the full post-cure for best mechanical properties. You can check the green (uncured) properties of each material on their data sheets.

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