Help! FormWashCureUpdater just Bricked my brand new Form Wash!

Less than a few days old, I decided to update the firmware on the Wash, since apparently there are quite a few fixes in the latest patch. I first plugged in the wash to my USB and the ForCureUpdater immediately spotted the machine. then, when I hit update, the Wash screen froze black. Online I saw that one support rep suggested this can sometimes happen and suggested (to other users) to power down, wait 10 seconds, then power back up with the button depressed. I did that,…nothing… now when I unplug everything and restart the wash unit; its dead, nothing, no activity at all (with and without the USB connected). even after a 5 minute unplug, the unit will not come back alive when I plug it back in. help!!

PS - the FormWashCureUpdater no longer can find the unit either)
Preform V2.15.1

well despite the unit itself being completely dead it DID finally prompt a notice on my PC firmware installer asking if I wanted to resume. I clicked “yes” and it appeared to complete the software push but then froze on “restarting device”. Regardless of the installer freeze, the unit itself came back to life and now seems to be functioning again. I have no way to know if its using the new the firmware but Im sure as hell not going to try THAT again. What a buggy mess; i’ve had better experiences using open source; yeeesh

Glad to hear that this is working for you, and our Software Team is looking into what might have caused this. If you hold down the button while the printer is displaying the splash screen, that will show you the current firmware version. Can you give that a go to check if the update went through?

for me, this results in a black screen and unresponsive unit. the only way to get it back online is to reset it again, without pushing the wheel-button when repowering. :frowning:

The button press can be a bit tricky to time. Can you hold down the wheel once you see the splash screen? It shouldn’t be held down immediately while the unit is being powered on.

Hey thanks for clarifying that; pushing it at the splash screen (not at power up) worked!

Version: 1.3.1
Revision: 280c0e2

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