Connecting Form 1+ to the Apple Time Capsule

Hi All,

Has anyone accomplished this successfully? After connecting the devices with a USB cable, I wasn’t able to find the Form 1+ on the network, either using the “Printers & Scanners” utility in the OSX System Preferences, or by using the Airport Utility.

Has anyone accomplished this successfully? It would be great to have a means to do this not only for Apple, but for any time of wireless router with a built-in USB port.

An alternative is to buy more gear like this ( but there really shouldn’t be a need to go that route.


I have the same issue. I want to use my airport express but my mac will not “see” the form1 when plugged in. Are there drivers available for the form1? Also I can not select the printer location inside of preform. How will this work if I have two or three form1 printers down the line?