Network printing

To use the Form 1 as a shared lab printer Ethernet / WiFi printing capability would be a great feature.

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Second this.  Last I tried, the Preform software can’t even be used over remote desktop (not sure about with other remote access methods.)

Thirds. Trying to figure out if it has an IP, or if I can print to it through another user’s computer…

It’s a USB device, so it won’t be assigned an IP, Adam. We hear you guys loud and clear, though. This is definitely on our roadmap. It’d be great for us too, with Form 1s scattered all mover the HQ!

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Would it be possible to use a network printer adapter of some form? Such as the usb port built in to the apple routers or one of the dedicated ethernet-usb adaptors?

We have gotten network printing to work with a WiFi USB adaptor.
But, we don’t explicitly support this, so YMMV. Let us know if it works for you.


I bought the material as advertised on

I have everything configured, the hub can see the Form1. I come from preform on a Mac OSX has to print the wifi, but not Windows.

The only difference I see in Windows and it recognizes me a USB device to the name “Form1” when I plug the cable directly to the PC and “Formlabs - Form1” When I go through wifi. Preform does not give me permission to print on windows while on a Mac, it works.

Is someone had the same problem and how he solved the problem have?

Thank you in advance

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Hi, after a couple of test we got preform to almost work on remote desktop.

It does not start on remote desktop but it continue to run. From teamviewer on the other hand everything run properly. It would be nice to be able to start preform from windows remote desktop however.
We use formlabs 1+ with only usb port. By the way, the link for wi-fi and wireless printing is broken.

Thank you