Anyone tried wireless printing?

I saw this article on formlabs blog:

My wireless router has a USB port that I believe was put there to connect to hard drives and printers? I am wondering if I could make that work with the Form 1+

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I second that. It would be helpful to download and start prints remotely. Even if it was just a protocol or sdk that we could build a shared solution for.

I know zero about programming… =(

You can read this thread: Wireless printing problem

I tried to get mine set up wirelessly for days then just gave up. Here’s what Sam Jacoby of FL had to say…

Sam_JacobyFormlabs17 Oct
Hey guys — I’m not trying to ignore you, here, but the mystery deepens. I asked around the office, and this was put together by a summer intern who’s no longer around. I’m trying to flush him out, but in the meantime, I do apologize. I was under the impression that it was quite a simple set-up, but it sounds like from the experience you guys have been having, that’s not the case. If we can’t figure it out, I’ll check in w/ the folks who handle USB and such, and see if there’s anything that we’re missing.

My other printer (3D Systems Cube) is wireless or “bottle fed” by a thumb drive ONLY. No hardwire options which I WANT. Their wireless is unbelievably SLOW. I cancelled a 300 KB file after 20 minutes of waiting for it to go wireless.

My print to the Form1 last night was 370 MB which I am glad it has USB as a local printer. Not sure what would happen if I ever got another Form1 though - how to tell them apart for the print jobs.