Load a model via a USB jump drive possible?

Is it possible to load a model to the Form1/1+ via a simple jump drive / thumb drive, instead of via a PC?

It would be nice to be able to simply plug in a thumb drive and let the part load into the Form1/1+, without requiring a computer.

Is there a work-around that anyone can think of?

Wireless printing… Go bump Sam, he said 24 days ago he had not forgotten…

Hmm… hopefully he will see this thread.

So it could be as simple as the correct wireless print server?

Hey Thomas,

Have you checked our wifi printing blog article? It might help you to ditch the wires.


@WillWalker that article is no good anymore which is what the thread Josh is linking to is about. Something else is required to make it work as me and others have discovered the hard way. @Sam_Jacoby said he was checking on all the details but for now I have a useless piece of equipment on my hands until he can get an answer.

You guys really know how to hold a guy accountable. Thanks! I appreciate it.

At any rate, I have done some sleuthing on this, and we are indeed using the wireless hubs in some of our printer farms. @Clark_Anthony has the details, and will respond in the original thread.

I will add here, though, that the image we used in the blog post took a little too much artistic license—at the moment, you can’t use PreForm with multiple machines.

With my one printer that is here now (a FFF machine not a Form1) the choice for feeding print files is wireless or thumb drive only. Trust me neither is much fun. At least on this FFF printer the wireless is deathly SLOW to transfer. At least the Form1 is direct via USB. Both brands really need a network port to remove them as a local printer only.

Sam - I have mentioned the network port to Melissa. I am not sure if she took it elsewhere. Please make it known as a request for future models.

@Adam_Britton thanks for updating me! I look forward to seeing what magic bit Clark says is needed to get a printer up and running wirelessly.