Cannot upload through wifi and USB does not connect

I try to upload a print using wifi, and it gets stuck at 0%. Previous attempts got as far as 4%. USB connection neither works as Preform does not recognise the printer on USB (although computer detects the printer). Terribly fed up with this situation as it occurs once a week. I tried restarting computer, rebooting printer etc but nothing works. My supplier (3DNinja who are very helpful) doesnt know either. Can someone point me in the right direction please because I am fed up with this. I have an Up Plus2 printer that always connects (yes I swapped the cables, did not work). Another connected thing that annoys me is there is no connection troubleshooting page in Formlabs help - at all, as if these problems do not exist.
regards, Maarten

windows 7SP2, Form2, preform 2.13.0

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