Wireless printing with Airport Express

I was printing this morning and large jobs usually take a while to upload. I was thinking it would be nice to print from my desk and not have to undock the machine (lose network connection) and then plug into the form printer. I know that the airport express can be used for printing wirelessly on a normal printer. Does anyone know (or has tried) if you can print wirelessly with the form printer using an airport express? Would be sweet


Formlabs did have an actual blog post to set-up wireless printing with the help of a few devices. However they seem to have taken it down. I don’t know what the reason for that is.

Anyway, there is more info on wireless printing on this forum. Just use the search tool and i’m sure you’ll find enough information ;).


Thanks Alex, I was browsing the topics by title and at a glance I did not see anything. I will search a little more closely.

You’re welcome, Kevin.

Perhaps @Ralph_Roberts can advise you a little more on using the airport express. He seems to have tried this before. Though I do not know if he was successful eventually.

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