Astroprint and wirelessly printing

Any plans to integrate the Formlabs printer and astroprint? or will the Form 2 take into the account for wireless support and other remote features? Just throwing it out there. On a related note, what are some ways people are making the 1+ wirelessly available. I suppose hooking up a small form factor PC up to the Form and remoting in wirelessly to print would be one way to do it.


Thanks for the suggestions Scott. We’re looking into it for the future.

There are a lot of advantages to remotely logging into another PC or tablet. For me the biggest plus is the reliability of the connection (wired to the printer). If a remote log in is slow you just have a jittery display. If the wireless directly to a printer is slow you have more chance for data issues.

The feature that I would like most is a feature to shut the printer off with the PC connection during a print.

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