Remote printing

I’m sitting here at work, preparing some .form files for print, and it hit me… why can’t we print from here?

My printer is set up in my dashboard and sends results up. It doesn’t seem like a big leap to be able to upload my .form to the site and have the printer grab it and go.

Anyone else thing that would be a great feature? :slight_smile:

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I wonder if that might be limited based on making sure that features can’t void the warranty–since if you remotely print then you can’t make sure the printer is ready to print, like if you have your platform cleaned and in place and all that.

It would be nice though to be able to set up a webcam to check in remotely, though I bet there’s software that can do that otherwise.

As @Stormtrooperguy described in another post, the Form2 has introduced two new features (auto-fill and the wiper arm) that enable the creation of a huge mess if started/left unattended. Although I appreciate the new capabilities, I’ve read enough stories to tell me that I shouldn’t be far from the machine while it’s running. Now, if Preform could add a switch to disable auto-fill, then remote operation would at seem safer to me.

The Form2 is a viable machine for corporate/small business use, and I’m familiar with the requirement for a localized “go” button from other enterprise-class machines. When I asked why, they explained it was a way to prevent unauthorized print jobs - apparently they learned something when the machines started landing in high-schools, where teenagers got access.

i think its the “nipple delivery” the rubber cap with a slit at bottom of cartridge-- that has minor inconsistencies. 1st bottle perfect no issue regarding auto fill, 2nd cartridge from a new batch of backordered clear resin-- it would not flow-- i removed and squished it a little, got 2 prints. then i left studio for business travel for a few days. Upon my return the cartridge had emptied into resin tank…(i found in time but not sure why it did not simply overflow…) Bottom line is and up till now i had not cared to close the air cap upon completion of EVERY PRINT. I am hoping stormtrooperguy is not correct regarding babysitting each print to make sure no overfills. (currently completed about 20 prints and no issue (while in operation)…

This makes me just want an “open” mode to use form1 resin. Is the heater part of the dispenser or will it warm the tray? Can’t the wiper be enabled with some kind of yes I am using actual Formlabs resin screen?

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