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Feature request: Abort or Pause Print on Dashboard or Preform



Please give us the option to remotely Abort or pause a print.

I was just checking on a print I quickly started before leaving work to print over night on the Dashboard.
In the preview image I noticed that instead of opening the preform file I imported it. so I had 2 parts sticking in each other. So that meant the print would just be waste. checking how much material would be used I saw that it would be over 100eur worth of resin wasted on a failed print before I would have been back to the office in the morning.

luckily I am living close to the office. so I drove there to cancel the print since there is no option to abort or pause a print remotely :frowning:


Go home with a primed printer and take your time to start it remotely. :wink:


Which model are you using ?

Hope little bit useful


it was a print on our form 2

afaik the form 2 can not be primed


Remote abort would also be handy for people who set up a camera to watch their print. In the meantime…

Close your eyes, make a wish :stars:, log into Dashboard and go here.


Hey there @dergel!

Thanks so much for the feature request! I’ve passed this along to the software team so it’s at least on their radar as they look ahead to adding additional features to Dashboard!

As usual we really appreciate folks reaching out to let us know what would make their job a little easier, so please keep them coming!