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How long can I leave a print on pause?

Hi! I’m looking to start a print and leave it paused about half way through.  I’m hoping to have it paused for about 12 hours before I start it again.  Is there any reason that this would be a problem?  The printer won’t cancel the print after a certain amount of time or anything, right?

(i’m giving a demo, and want to have a piece half way printed for the demo so that it looks cool)

I never did it but i think that won’t be a problem. pausing a print for 10 seconds or 10 hours is the same.

By the way, i think it could be a good feature to be able to print from a definite slice to an other/the end.

I’m saying that because i had an outage in my house and  my print stopped half the way. I was hoping it will continue but unfortunatly form1 don’t keep in memory slices.

If we will be able with preform to begin a print from a slice to an other. We could put the printer in pause, even power it off with no problem.

On my CNC machine I had something similar happen, luckily the computer was on thanks to the UPS and I was able to restart the job from a specific line of code. I second that it would be a great feature to have.

I wonder what the function of the backup is that preform makes every time you print. Formlabs?

PreForm saves a backup file of your scene when you print in case PreForm crashes and you haven’t saved your scene. Next time you restart PreForm, it will be able to recover the scene. This feature only addresses software issues. It will not allow you to recover a partial print (e.g. due to power outage).

Maybe it’s a leftover of the early PreForm days because I have never seen PreForm crash. Can we request it removed to save time? The backup is slow.

Funny how this never got really answered.

You can theoretically leave the printer paused for as long as you’d like. We’ve rolled out some updates recently that improve the success rates of prints resumed from a pause. If the printer is jolted or moved around while paused, that could lead to a failure when resumed. If paused for very long periods of time, you might want to mix the resin a bit to make sure nothing has settled.


Not sure if you are aware, the heater is on during the pause, that’s why the machine is making noise, the whole time it’s trying to keep the temp to 35 degree, is this healthy for the machine if I pause for 12h?
I’ve done this a few times and the noise bugs me.

the longer it is on pause, the more noticeable an artifact will be left in the print,

I have had the printer pause for an hour- with almost imperceptible mar on the print… and for 19 hours… which left a marked mismatch on the subsequent layers.

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