Pause fail on preform 1.4?

Hey!  First off, I’m loving the new additions to preform 1.4!  Supports come off even easier, and seem to leave less of a mark!

Has anyone else tried pausing with preform 1.4? (and printer update) I don’t usually pause my prints, but when I have, I haven’t had an issue in the past.  (I usually see a little bit of a larger step in the model there, but nothing serious)  The other evening I paused my print for about 7 hours, and started it off again when I went off to work.  When I got home, I discovered that the next layers did not adhere to the point of pause.  So my model was just ended right at the pause point and the rest of it built up on the bottom of the tray.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had had the issue!  Might have been a fluke!