Starting Prints Remotely - Form3 Only?

The ability to start prints remotely has been a feature that has been requested for quite some time. I just noticed that it was explicitly mentioned in the Form3 video which now begs the question of whether or not that feature will also be available to Form2 users? I realize that the Form3 has some new sensors that might play into this, but the idea was proposed that a Form2 could support this through a “ready to print” button on the UI that would acknowledge the printer’s status ahead of time so that when a job was submitted, it could be started remotely as one shot event.

Is remote job start a feature that will be enjoyed by Form2 users, or is the existing user base going to be left out in the cold on this one?

The Form 3 does have some additional sensors which make remote start safer, but we are planning to have include some support for the Form 2. We’ll have more details coming on this soon.


Fantastic! Thanks for the update.