None Physical Job Confirmation Option

Recently I have been remote printing with my Form1 but the Form1 requires a push of “the button” to confirm the job. My partner is at home so she kindly pushed the button for me. Would it be cool to be able to override the physical confirmation inside preform? The I could remote print from work and my print will be ready when I get home.

Ha, sounds like you have a pretty good system for now, Jesse. But this is an interesting idea – we’ve discussed various ways of managing Form 1s remotely, but, as you know, there is no current solution in place.

Jesse, what if your system gets hacked and you are greeted with some surprising prints from some hacker? lol

Hi Sam, I have been managing ok by using logmein on a laptop connected to the form1 but it is really just the push of the button that is hindering my remote printing efforts. Thanks for the response

LogMeIn uses AES256-SHA encryption…sounds serious enough to me, so hopefully you won’t get home to the attached build ; )